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Positive social change
Aiming for a bearer

What We do

Cloud digital technology has made it easier for local cities to not only close the gap with metropolitan areas, but also to connect directly with people around the world. We support the organic connection between transformative local cities and companies with technological and capital capabilities, and through these activities, we aim to build sustainable businesses that originate in the region and are world-class.

Why We do 

The company name, Envital, is a coined word created by combining the two words "Environment" and "Vitalization". It was founded in 2010 in San Diego, California, USA, and has been active based in Tokyo since 2019.

While having an awareness of the big theme of balancing the conservation of the global environment and human economic activities, first of all, the people around us (also Environment) are utilized / utilized (also Vitalization), which leads to a grassroots movement. It also contains the desire to go.

"Living where you want to live and doing what you want to do." While taking advantage of the rich nature, spacious space, gentle passage of time, and the goodness of the region, join an exciting project that utilizes cutting-edge technology and share the same ambitions. Create new value by collaborating with colleagues all over the world. We are advancing activities with the aim of creating a society in which we want to put such a life and work style into practice in Japan, and that will be an option for many people.

How We do

So far in the fields of next-generation mobility, smart energy, digital platforms, etc.

With the support and cooperation of companies and individual partners, we have carried out various projects for major companies and start-up companies in Japan and overseas. While maintaining and expanding these projects
Utilizing the knowledge and networks gained here, we have begun efforts to create smart communities in local cities.

By providing an experimental field for highly novel services while incorporating the concept of smart cities, many domestic and foreign companies with technological and capital capabilities will participate in the project.
We believe that the future of regional revitalization is to create and nurture new economic value and human exchanges in the region.

In Omura City, Nagasaki Prefecture, which we are currently focusing on, we are already able to get the support of major domestic and overseas companies, venture companies, organizations, and individuals, and there are an increasing number of new interests. In the future, I would like to materialize these one by one and play a part in the big swell nationwide.

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